Research Lab "Inventasy 2"/ Batailles d'Images

Thanks for the wonderful experience and exchange with such beautiful people involved.

We spent one week together at Tanzhaus NRW. 5 dancers of the company, 5 freelancers and the Asasello String Quartet. Experimenting and researching on creatures, death rituals, dadaism and musicality. It was a fun journey. Special thanks to Stephanie Thiersch and the Team of Mouvoir!

c Martin Rottenkolber

c Martin Rottenkolber



Dancetheatre (4+)

In cooperation with JES Stutttgart and Backsteinhausproduktion.

Choreographer Nicki Liszta 2nd Choreographer Isabelle von Gatterburg Perfomers Franziska Schmitz & Kelvin Kilonzo



Premiere 9th of March


Fluid States of Being

GIW & KILONZO performing on Friday, 30th of nov. and saturday, first of dec. at Tanzfaktur Köln.

8 o’clock! See you there!

photo by Martin Rottenkolber
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Fluid States of Being

Tanzfaktur Köln

30th of Nov | First of Dec