Antarah ibn shadad was a knight and pre- islamic arab poet, famous for his poets and adventurous life.

His father was Shaddad al-Absi, a respected warrior of the Banu Abs. His mother was an ethiopian woman. She was a princess taken captive by his father as a slave during one of the tribes attacks on Axum. Antarah grew up a slave aswell. He earned his freedom after another tribes invaded the lands of the Banu Abs. When his father said to him “Defend your tribe, O’Antar, and you are free.”

Antarah’s poetry is well preserved and often talks about chivalrous values, courage and heroism in a battle as well as his love for Abla.

Regie Walid Felah

Kamera Nils Ramme

Tanz Kelvin Kilonzo